Polychrome digitally printed maps.

White double chalked matt cardboard 300g/m2

Unfolded map format: 440 mm x 305 mm

Closed folder format: 220 mm x 305 mm

Folders and files can be coated with glossy or matte foil, starting from 300 pcs.

The folders have a glued pocket with 2 slots for business cards and a 5 mm bellows for more documents.

Folders with double big 5 mm to allow the introduction of a larger number of documents

On request, the simple version can be made, without bellows for 1-3 pages.

We can make the maps according to the client’s model in printable format or we customize our models at your choice.

ASCENS offers the following products:

Customized Labels
Seal Embossers
Watermark paper
Stamp Notarial Label

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