It can contain any kind of security logo or graphic element!

Provides the greatest security against tampering by permanently marking original documents with dry stamps. Typical stamps are suitable for papers that must be faxed, copied, but provide minimal security.

Several extra seconds for stamping after stamping documents make your papers easy to reproduce but permanently authenticate the document’s originality.

Suggestions for use:
· Securing documents: contracts, special forms
· Securing certificates and shares
· Securing notarial deeds (for notary offices)
· Securing translations
· Securing vouchers

Imprints for handheld and office machines can be made of:
· Original delrin, manufactured by DuPont USA specially for Notary Seal
· metal

ASCENS offers the following products:

Customized Labels
Seal Embossers
Watermark paper
Stamp Notarial Label

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